Alcohol addiction starts from the abuse of alcohol. People who abuse alcohol over time become addicted to alcohol because their brains undergo some modifications due to the intake of substances. There are a truckload of reasons why individuals become addicted to alcohol. For some of them, it is due to peer pressure. In wanting to […]


A good number of people in the world suffer from all forms of addiction and the sad part is, most of them are not aware of this reality. To some of them, this addiction is a preferred habit or activity that they love to indulge in. This is why they would readily reject the opinion […]


Alcohol can be said to be one of the commonly used substances which is known for altering the mind of people who use it. There are a good number of people who drink alcohol on a regular basis, and if you take a random survey, some of them can attest to the fact that indeed, […]

Alcoholism and Relationships

Alcoholics are not known for their great relationship skills. In fact, it is very common for family to be the only people who ultimately keep an alcoholic closer than arms length. This is because alcoholism is an inherent dysfunction, and relationships with alcoholics are more or less always dysfunctional, to some degree. A number of […]

Alcoholism and Responsibilities

One of the first excuses you will hear an alcoholic make for their behavior is that they are a functional alcoholic. What they mean by this is essentially one would not know they are an alcoholic because it does not show in their lifestyle. Anyone who has ever lived with or been close to an […]

Physical Health and Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a devastating condition for the body. No one wants to be an alcoholic, yet many people are drawn into the siren’s call to drink excessively and their physical health pays the price. Drinking seems fun and harmless to everyone while they are drinking, but everyone should be aware of what alcohol is capable […]

Mental Health and Alcoholism

Often, people think of alcoholism as a condition that eventually wrecks a person’s body. However, people seldom think about the effects that alcoholism has on a person’s mental health. Physical health has historically been more studied and more empirical, but our understanding of mental health has grown exponentially in recent years and the way it […]

Dysfunctional vs Functional Alcoholics

Everyone has heard the terms “functional alcoholic” and “dysfunctional alcoholic.” These terms are generally used to describe the difference between an alcoholic who can still meet responsibilities and one who cannot. These terms are used in a somewhat black and white way, as if every alcoholic fits into one of these two categories. I would […]

Living as an Alcoholic

Alcoholism is one of the most serious and detrimental forms of addiction and substance abuse. When a person becomes dependent on alcohol, their life will never be the same. Alcoholism robs people of everything they love and value, and requires professional alcohol abuse treatment to eradicate. Alcoholism is one of many faces of addiction. It […]