Alcohol addiction starts from the abuse of alcohol. People who abuse alcohol over time become addicted to alcohol because their brains undergo some modifications due to the intake of substances.

There are a truckload of reasons why individuals become addicted to alcohol. For some of them, it is due to peer pressure. In wanting to become cool, some of them start abusing alcohol, and it affects them eventually.

For others, it could be due to their environment. An environment where the abuse of alcohol thrives, makes it easy for other people to abuse alcohol. This is one of the major factors responsible for the development of alcohol addiction.

Another puzzling aspect of alcohol addiction is the Biological factors inclusion. Naturally, there are some people who find it easier to control their rate of alcohol intake than others.

For these people, they have a tendency to become addicted than others. This is why some people can abuse alcohol for a long time without getting addicted.  

When an individual takes part in a repetitive behavior, it becomes easier for them to be involved in alcohol addiction. Besides, there are some chemical substances present in the brain that makes you susceptible to alcohol addiction.

Another factor that contributes to alcohol addiction is income. People who are wealthy have a higher tendency to be addicted to alcohol than those who are not. The reason for this is, they can afford to spend a lot on alcohol without being affected financially.

Social factors also contribute to alcohol addiction. The family and workplace have a say on the likeliness of addiction.

In addition, an individual who is always stressed, would most likely indulge in alcohol addiction. The reason for this is, they want to relieve themselves of the stress, without knowing that the effects are temporal.

It is important for alcohol addicts to seek help before their health condition becomes worse, and causes death in the long run.

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